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About Company

leen alkhair

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our vision

To be pioneers in the agricultural marketing sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and achieve the primary goal of providing sustainable economic growth and sustainable protection of the environment and sources of natural resources.

Our message

To encourage the Saudi agricultural sector in a way that reflects the reality of our ancient past, and we seek to build a sustainable food future to achieve aspirations to be the reliable and guaranteed choice for the consumer.

our mission

Work to provide food for all and effectively contribute to achieving self-sufficiency and food security

Geographical coverage

We work to cover all regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the presence of the main administration in Riyadh and the availability of operating areas in the Riyadh region, the eastern region, the western region



We believe that excellence is the distinguishing mark in the business world, so we strive to provide the best agricultural products


We are fully aware of the importance of speed in achievement and the competition of time to always achieve the aspirations of partners

the quality

Meeting the needs of our customers in a guaranteed manner and providing products free of pesticide residues


Consistency and persistence is one of the pillars of our business

our style at work

Products Inspection

Product Inspection

Carefully select agricultural crops and examine products from pesticide residues to provide safe and healthy food

Products Quality

Products Quality

Our agricultural crops meet global and local standards for healthy agricultural practices

Food Safety

Food Safety

Agricultural products operations start with picking, sorting, packaging and cooling products and end with delivery

refrigerated transport

Refrigerated Transport

Providing refrigerated cars that transport agricultural products daily to reach all customers and outlets with high quality, fresh and healthy



Packaging materials, necessary to protect products and attractive in presentation in addition to their importance in the shelf life.. The research team at Leen Al Khair is always working on developing packaging materials to match your aspirations